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Setting up the Environment

In order to develop for this project, you'll need to get set up for web development. This first part will go over how to get set up with node and npm. This project makes use of npm we do not use yarn.

Installing Node / NPM#

You'll want to be sure to have Node 14.x.x and NPM 6.x.x

Using NVM (recommended)#

Using the installer#

Visit the Node JS Website and download the LTS Release. At the time of writing this, it is 14.17.1.

Run the installer that it downloads and go through the setup. After setup finishes open your terminal and type:

node -v
npm -v

if the install was successful, each command will output a response with a version number.


On unix based operating systems, you may run into permission issues when trying to globally install packages. To fix this, follow this guide which explains how to change the npm global location.

Getting GLOBAL packages#

You may find that you need to install the typescript package globally, in fact it is generally recommended.

npm i -g typescript

To check if the installations worked, you can run:

tsc -v

Typescript is the codebase of the website, and the installation includes a compiler. In case your IDE can not be configured to use the one in node_modules/typescript/lib you will need an installation to fall back on.

And that is all you'll need to get set up, the project itself contains the rest of the npm modules needed to run.

More info coming soon...